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2007-07-18 08:05:33 by Kabomb

Mesmemarble 2
Expected to be released very soon, all levels are finished I'm just adding finishing touches. It will be soooo much better the the prequel with more levels, better physics such as multiple balls and "2D" walls (not just walls in one direction, heaps of power-ups, coins to collect and more enemies

Eon War
A twist on the very popular 'tower-defense' fad atm, the theme is based on all those TD games but the gameplay will be very different.

Angry Faic 2
Based on Angry Faic the character as in the first Angry Faic but instead of being a remake, it's going to be a totally different game. This is mainly because theres no doors left open to continue from the last game, so I'm planning to create a birds-eye RPG or something similar.

That's all that I've started and/or planned for now, but at the rate I'm going with more complex games than previous ones and school work don't expect them to be out soon.


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2007-08-09 19:37:07

i don't think angry faic is working on my computer!!!!!!!!!!


2007-08-27 11:30:28

hi nice banner howd you do it?


2007-10-22 01:31:47

Waiting for angry faic 2!!


2007-10-28 11:14:20

Mesmemarble doesn't work, and yet, it passed through the portal with a score of 3.22?

I'm not at all annoyed with you, I'm actually annoyed at the 2 reviewers who said it was a great game, despite it not working.. :P..

I'm also annoyed that it passed with a score higher than 3 xP.

Hopefully you'll fix it, but just letting you know, its got ALOT of 0 reviews :3.

Keep up the good work (I saw your other games!) /41742

Kabomb responds:

unfortunately there's a problem with the game connecting to an external server, and the game works on some computers but not others, that's why some people voted high. I removed it and will resubmit soon when the bug is fixed


2007-11-03 15:59:32

Oh fuck, I loved Angry Faic, I was playing it literally right before I read you're making a second.



2007-12-07 06:42:51

Heh, a birdseye RPG with Angry Faic as the main character is an interesting idea. ^_^


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