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Chamalien - game dev blog

2009-06-25 09:59:26 by Kabomb

I've started work on a new game and I'm covering all the development at
It's an old cliché style platformer with a really interesting new mechanic - you turn into what you touch (like a chameleon) and you can throw objects made out of the same stuff. You can play the latest beta release over at the site and follow my posts about the development over the game. Please offer some feedback too, and your ideas could be in the game.

Go check it out.

Chamalien - game dev blog


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2009-06-25 10:17:05

That's a really great idea! The game is fun too! I wanted a level restart button though.


2009-06-25 10:32:56

Fun stuff, only wish teh character had a more interesting design.


2009-06-25 11:41:37

Great engine, work on some puzzles and art assets.


2009-08-08 09:52:49

is this a new game tell me when its done


2009-09-17 14:29:25