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Mesmemarble 2

2007-12-05 02:27:56 by Kabomb

I finally finished off Mesmemarble 2 (it took months) but I cannot submit it to Newgrounds :(

The sponsors, FreeOnlineGames only allow the swf game to be on their site (but it can be embedded on other sites), so unfortunately I can't upload the swf file to Newgrounds.

You can play it here anyway.


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2007-12-06 18:53:56

Wow, your an awesome game designer and coder, I hope you got paid well for that, very nicely done.
Good to see your an aussie as well.

Kabomb responds:


umm... yeah thanks


2007-12-07 01:09:12

screw them, as the creator you should have rights to it's usage.

Kabomb responds:

well, that's what I agreed to - I just thought I could get the final swf but I don't.


2007-12-07 06:41:36

Looks like a pretty neat game!