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2008-01-28 18:42:58 by Kabomb

My new game is out!

My first daily first :) After 4 2nds and a 3rd


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2008-01-28 18:53:27

Was a really fun game! Thanks for making it.


2008-01-28 20:23:27


Kabomb responds:

idk, wtf?


2008-01-28 20:58:23

That was awesome, glad you made a news post or might not have noticed it. About to review.


2008-01-29 17:01:41

You've been here since 05 and this is your first Daily 1st?

With those skills, I'm surprised you haven't gotten more. That was AWESOME! I love the elasticity of the orb that you have to control, and the way the color changes when things happen was also a nice touch.

Kabomb responds:

Yeah I guess I was unlucky - this isn't my highest scoring game but the others got daily 2nd 4 times.


2008-01-30 21:54:24

Congrats on making the front page! Thanks for using my music in your game :]

Kabomb responds:

Hey - thanks for making it! It's an awesome song


2008-02-10 11:07:40

i like the cursor games