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Chamalien - game dev blog

2009-06-25 09:59:26 by Kabomb

I've started work on a new game and I'm covering all the development at
It's an old cliché style platformer with a really interesting new mechanic - you turn into what you touch (like a chameleon) and you can throw objects made out of the same stuff. You can play the latest beta release over at the site and follow my posts about the development over the game. Please offer some feedback too, and your ideas could be in the game.

Go check it out.

Chamalien - game dev blog

New Blog

2008-03-17 04:04:53 by Kabomb

Hey all,

You shouldn't come and visit my new blog - it hasn't got news, articles, tutorials on Flash and heaps more.

This is not the link:


2008-02-29 06:00:25 by Kabomb



2008-01-28 18:42:58 by Kabomb

My new game is out!

My first daily first :) After 4 2nds and a 3rd

Zwingo - Game Release

2007-12-07 01:37:00 by Kabomb

Zwingo is out!

Play it
Play it on kabomb
Music by Deseo
Sponsored by Maxgames
For their contest

Mesmemarble 2

2007-12-05 02:27:56 by Kabomb

I finally finished off Mesmemarble 2 (it took months) but I cannot submit it to Newgrounds :(

The sponsors, FreeOnlineGames only allow the swf game to be on their site (but it can be embedded on other sites), so unfortunately I can't upload the swf file to Newgrounds.

You can play it here anyway.

Games in Progress

2007-07-18 08:05:33 by Kabomb

Mesmemarble 2
Expected to be released very soon, all levels are finished I'm just adding finishing touches. It will be soooo much better the the prequel with more levels, better physics such as multiple balls and "2D" walls (not just walls in one direction, heaps of power-ups, coins to collect and more enemies

Eon War
A twist on the very popular 'tower-defense' fad atm, the theme is based on all those TD games but the gameplay will be very different.

Angry Faic 2
Based on Angry Faic the character as in the first Angry Faic but instead of being a remake, it's going to be a totally different game. This is mainly because theres no doors left open to continue from the last game, so I'm planning to create a birds-eye RPG or something similar.

That's all that I've started and/or planned for now, but at the rate I'm going with more complex games than previous ones and school work don't expect them to be out soon.